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Installation Guide

Written instructions to install Auto Minder Low Coolant Alarm
Video instructions to install Auto Minder Low Coolant Alarm

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Written Instructions

Fitting Instructions

The AutoMinder is a very simple, robust device. Please read and understand these instructions thoroughly before you begin installation. For example, you may choose to trim the wires for a very neat finish.


The alarm box sits in a prominent position inside the cab where it can be seen and heard by the driver. When the alarm box is wired in you will use the double-sided tape to secure it, and you will tuck the wires away.


The green wire, in particular, needs to be pass through the firewall, to the radiator in the engine bay. I like to put all three wires through for a neat installation. Many vehicles have a 'soft spot' for installing driving lights etc. You can also pass them through beside the bonnet-release cable. (I typically poke a straightened piece of metal coat hanger wrapped in insulation tape beside the bonnet release cable from the engine bay side. I look under the dashboard and find the end of the coat hanger, then tape the wires to the coat hanger and pull them back through to the engine bay.)


The black wire needs to be earthed out on a convenient bolt. (This is why you don't necessarily have to pass it through the firewall). Crimp the black wire onto the eyelet and make it so.

The red wire is for +12V power. A piggy-back fuse holder is included. Find a 5A (5 amp) fuse in your fuse box, remove it and replace it with the piggy-back fuse holder. Crimp the red wire to this.



The green wire connects the water sensor to the alarm box.

The water sensor is the bobby-pin piece of metal. To be blunt it is just a piece of steel that hangs in the coolant at the top of the radiator. (The coolant is an electrical 'earth'. When the coolant is absent, the circuit is broken)

When the engine is cool, loosen the top radiator hose from the radiator by undoing its hose clamp. Slip the sensor over the end of the radiator hose so it 'pegs on' to the hose, and the short end is positioned to dangle in the coolant. Refit the radiator hose and tighten the hose clamp.

Crimp the spade bit to the end of the green wire and fit it to the sensor.


Run the car and check for leaks around the sensor. Tighten the hose clamp if necessary.

Take the spade connector off the sensor to break the circuit. The buzzer should be sounding and the light should be on. If not, check your red and black wires.

Replace the spade connector. The alarm should now be off. (If the alarm is still sounding, the sensor is not closing the circuit. Perhaps your water is too low or the sensor has been fitten incorrectly.)


Use the cable ties to tidy up your installation. Position the alarm box and tidy away the wires.


Regularly test your AutoMinder by temporarily unplugging the spade connector from the sensor. If the alarm is triggered, it is still working.

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